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One pizza a day

Brian Northrup ate a pizza a day for a year and posted photos of the amazing results on social media.

A pizza a day ... lend the doctor away?


Everyone loves pizza, but most people just eat it once a week, maybe in the company of friends or in the evening in front of a good movie. There is, however, someone who has tried to eat a pizza a day for a whole year and has decided to post on the social photos of his bizarre experiment.

What was the result?

A pizza a day does not make you fat

The young American Brian Northrup has chosen to carry on this experiment called " Pizzapocalypse ": follow a diet full of calories and carbohydrates for a year, combined with regular exercise .

The pizzas posted on social every day were very unhealthy: condiments hypergrass, mozzarella, gorgonzola, mushrooms, peppers, salami and hams ...

After 365 days the results of the experiment were unexpected and in some ways surprising: the young man proudly showed a beautiful muscular and tonic body . Overall his weight dropped from 75.8 pounds to 73 with an improvement in both muscle mass and body fat indexes.

Of course it was not about the pizza every day but of the constant training that he had chosen to associate with a decidedly unbalanced diet: 20 minutes a day of cardio and weight lifting at least three times a week, all under strict medical supervision.

The goal of the "Pizzapocalypse" experiment, in fact, was not so much to show that you can eat a pizza a day without getting fat , but that training and sport are often underestimated and that if you do the right physical exercise regularly you can even compensate for the hurdles at the table!

The recommendation for all is not to follow the example of Brian , but we can certainly conclude that if we allow ourselves the pleasure of pizza even twice a week and we do regular physical activity we do not put at risk line and physical fitness.

Pizza against heart disease and tumors

Eating pizza more often not only does not make you fat but can also have beneficial effects on our health by helping us to prevent many diseases, cardiovascular diseases in the first place.

If we think that the true Neapolitan pizza is prepared only with seasonal ingredients of the highest quality that are rich in antioxidants and precious nutrients, we can safely conclude that it is a complete and healthy meal.

Even the Institute of Tumors of Naples Fondazione Pascale has carried out a project aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle and food and presented the " Pizza Pascalina " with wheat flour, friarielli from Campania raw, cherry tomatoes from Corbara or San Marzano , olives from Caiazzo, extra virgin olive oil from Cilento, garlic and chilli pepper.

The "heart-safe" pizza - rich in nutrients that have a protective effect on cardiovascular disease and digestive system cancer - has been included in the Pascaliana Food Pyramid based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and on the guidelines against the cancers of the World Cancer Research Fund , as well as the most recent scientific evidence on nutrition and cancer prevention.


The history of Pizza Margherita

 The pizza has ancient origins. Some historians in fact suppose that this food was already present in the Etruscan kitchen with shapes and ingredients obviously very different from today. But pizza is born as a poor dish that requires for its feeding of simple and easily available foods: flour, oil, salt and yeast.

The real pizza was founded around 1600 by the undeniable southern culinary genius, in need of making the traditional bread roll more appetizing and tasty; at the beginning it was pasta for bread cooked in wood-fired ovens, seasoned with garlic, lard and coarse salt, or, in the more "rich" version, with caciocavallo and basil.

Of the most recent pizza, the one we know from the soft and tasty dough is spoken of between 500 and 600; the so-called pizza "mastunicola" or pizza with basil. It was prepared by putting on the disc of dough, lard, cheese, basil leaves and pepper. 
Later in time, the "cecinielli" is born, that is, with the fish minutail that, above all, the fishermen had at their disposal. 
The arrival on the tables of modern pizza, happens with the discovery of the tomato !!! 
Imported from Peru, after America was discovered, the tomato was first used in cooking as a sauce with a little salt and basil and only later, someone came up with the idea of putting it on pizza.So unwittingly inventing pizza.
Thus began the era of modern pizza: in Naples and also in America. 
In fact in the nineteenth century the pizza with tomato arrives in America thanks to Italians who emigrate to New York and is made as in Naples.

In that same period in Naples the "historical marriage" takes place with mozzarella. A Neapolitan pizzaiolo, Raffaele Esposito and his wife, prepared the famous pizza with tomato and mozzarella in honor of Queen Margherita , wife of Umberto I, King of Italy. 
The pizzaiolo and his wife at the request of the queen margherita prepared three pizzas: one with the mustinicola, a marinara and a pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil, thinking about the Italian tricolor. 
The queen liked the latter tremendously and the pizza maker for this reason called her with the name of the queen. 
It was from then on that Margherita pizza prevailed everywhere in the world.

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