EHEC and the parsley

EHEC is in Germany and Hamburg seems to be the epicenter. Suddenly, an entire food group threatens to fall away indefinitely - nobody knows what else to eat. Is EHEC lurking for parsley? I catch myself suspiciously eyeing a herb pot and then putting it back on the shelf. Like lead, fruit and vegetables are in the shops and the farmers are plowing up entire crops.

The economic damage is unmanageable - but what does it all about us and our relationship to food? With the food scandals of the last years there was always the possibility to save oneself on the safe side: mad cow disease? Great that we ate a lot of poultry anyway. Chicken flu or a staggering article about animal transport across Europe? As a vegetarian, you can stand above it. Carcinogenic pollutants in peppers at the cheap discounter around the corner? Good that you have bought so often in the health food store.

Now everything is open. At first, the organic vegetables were in public suspicion. Somehow one still believed in the Moravian that organic farmers spray their liquid manure over their even happier carrots. Now you had to learn that this is not the case. Organic farms are also modern companies that specialize in a specific field. They usually have no cows when vegetables are grown. And fertilization with manure is also prohibited.

Should the Dutch greenhouses ...? Relief is spreading as Spanish cucumbers are finally officially denounced as enemies. Great, the solution can be so easy - no more cucumbers and everything is fine. That's how the raw food gets stuck in your throat, when you had to learn a few days later that conscious cucumbers also carried bacilli - but unfortunately the wrong ones. Spain is suing Germany and large parts of the population are turning down their diets.

The questionnaires completed by EHEC sufferers showed a slightly higher consumption of vegetables and lettuce. Because of this result, now is officially warned of consumption by these food groups. Despite rehabilitation of the cucumber most restaurants currently serve no cucumbers and tomatoes, but other salads. It will be exciting to see how long this condition will last and when the cucumber will be back on the salad.

But what do we eat now - and what do we eat most of all? The salads and convenience counters of the supermarkets carry signs on which the market management personally assures that all hygiene regulations have been complied with and that the vegetables have been tested. Does this make the safety? After all, the bacteria do not come into the food, because someone has not washed their hands after going to the toilet and then slices the coleslaw.

Hand washing is now the keyword of the hour. The puzzled official bodies suggest the population frequent hand washing, since the pathogen can also be transmitted from person to person by smear infection. So it is a good thing that in most offices and public buildings, even from the days of swine flu, several containers of hand disinfectant flounder. Of course you can finally use them up.

Of course, there are always people who do not want to be bothered by such things and who develop a very relaxed that-does-not-have-mentality. Maybe they are not so wrong? Probably the nationwide danger of being hit by a car in the next 7 days is still higher than getting infected with EHEC. But the impact is approaching and the Hamburg hospitals are hopelessly overcrowded and overwhelmed. Whole populations of figure-conscious office Frolleins are at noon at noon Aldi, since the salad Cup of Trader Vic's is no longer in question.Now I'm pouring the apples for my son with boiling water, wondering all the time what I'm doing there. After all, something like that at least makes me feel like I'm doing something. However, the little boy is happy that Mama is not waving with fruit and vegetables when he asks for a small snack. Who wants a child with failing kidneys - because you prefer to go directly to the totally through and dead produced but now safe milk cuts. How fast the perspectives can change!

One joy for the other - the meat and telecommunications industry should see an increase in sales over the next few weeks.

And: Blanched with a bite is out, the cooked vegetables of the 60s are enjoying a renaissance and salads made of cooked ingredients are suddenly becoming very interesting. In the next post there are corresponding recipes. Whether fresh parsley comes as a topping in question, then everyone has to decide for themselves.